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Health Sciences homework help. Write 8 pages thesis on the topic relationship marketing: improving work environments and employee relations. In an economic climate where large companies are cornering the market and offering prices so low that small businesses can’t compete, it is critical for companies to isolate areas of customer service in order to maintain a profit margin. There are, of course, several ways to approach this but most importantly, improving work environments and employee relations is the most effective way to begin. Loyalty Research Center delved into the results and derived a critical link between the employee and customer loyalty was with the managers and their ability to communicate with the route drivers. Managers who were providing more information and feedback to their drivers had higher employee satisfaction and in return, higher customer satisfaction. Dissatisfied employees felt managers were not providing enough support in their daily job responsibilities. In addition, the Loyalty Research Center determined the customers with greater satisfaction resided in the offices with higher employee satisfaction scores. (Loyalty Research Center, 2000)Most companies that specialize in improving customer service or departments within companies that specialize in improving customer service have found that one of the most important aspects of the customer – employee relations is communication. This means that it is critical for companies to ensure that each and every employee within the company, has a clear and concise knowledge of their job description as well as what the company expects of them. Companies may expand on these criteria by providing their employees with incisive as well as with information or training on how to best succeed at their job. When an employee has a sense of stagnant placement within their job, they will often settle into a level of mediocrity due to no clear motivation or incentive plan. When there is, however, a continual opportunity for advancement, employees are much more likely to focus on excellence in order to achieve a higher status within the company as well as a higher pay scale.

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