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Health Sciences homework help. Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Crime Victim Services Program Bullhead City, Arizona.91% of Hopi County lacked access of victims’ service resources (HCVAC, 2002 – 2007). These problems were constrained to rural people with limited resources.The problem affected people from Arizona country, specifically residents of Hopi County. It has brought about the issue of insecurity and poverty in the County.The problem includes loss of lives which causes trauma to the affected witnesses of murders. Most people are living in fear of their safety (Katz, 2007). This was a report of Arizona Department of Public Safety problem that needed to be addressed immediately. It has been found that in most cases the poor, low-class and rural people who have no access to victim services. The geographic coverage of the rural area is big. It is very importance to analyze this because it helps reduce crime, heal the affected victims and restore harmony in the CountyAn increase in victims’ service resources like Satellite office in the area will increase the safety of the residents by taking them through the legal process and help them to be compensated where possible. This includes a background education what the victim needs to know to assist him or her in legal matters to have a fair chance of having justice prevailing. This would see through an extra 500 victims to accessing these serves (Uchida, 2007). Crime victims programs should help them have temporary homes and basic needs readily available. They should provide health care services for the victims and counseling services to the psychologically affected people. Victims of rape and physically assaulted people are the more advised to be involved in these counseling exercise.Through eradication of the victims program, and necessary training of individuals, it should assist the victim undergo a healing process. able to take themselves through the judicial process with less constraints (Uchida, 2007). This should reduce

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