Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Health Sciences homework help. Curatorial theme: ‘Maximizing Small Living Spaces’ Part One – Case Study of ‘Nakagin Capsule Tower’ by Kisho Kurokawa:• Short write up of Japano Tokyo, Japan housing crisis. Like why housing in japan is built so small? And link with this case-study.• Short write up of the project• Explain design concept ideas process to the final stage using image of (Diagrams, Sketches, Photos or floorplan…etc) with writing captions according to MLA. • Ergonomics of interior space of the capsule• Conclusion + Analysis of projectPart Two – Summarize: • Write 500-700 words. Your writing must demonstrate your understanding about the ideas behind the projects and how those ideas translate spatially into the final sketches/ plans/ designs, as well as their connections to the overall curatorial theme.• Can support with images and caption them according to MLA. (Can use from the Part One – Case Study)I have attached Project Brief called ‘Maximizing Small Living Spaces’ below.

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