Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Health Sciences homework help. Write 6 pages with APA style on Why the Canadian Government should not Provide Privatization of Water. In Canada, there have been enormous subsidized systems that have resulted in waste, and since the precious commodity has become scarce and not cheap, this has become a perilous illusion. This has led to water privatization seeming like a practical alternative, as there will be a reduction of waste, sensible pricing and improved distribution. Despite the scarcity of water, the lure of profits and promise of an improved economy, it would be vital to remember that there is no substitute for water. Canadian government privatization of water for trading as a commodity like oil would be detrimental to the welfare of humanity.There are humanitarian concerns relating to danger attributable to privatizing water that will result in closing out of the poor to its access. This is because prices attached to the accessibility of water would not be affordable to the majority of the people, leading to further disregard for social welfare, as the spread of diseases will be more widespread. Privatizing water will liken it to commodities such as natural gas, which are not essential utilities or even a fundamental human right, and there is also the fear that water trading would lead to ecological destruction as it is a heritage of the Earth. Recently, opponents of privatization have stated that reversing this would be difficult once things go wrong. As time passes, the focus will shift to shareholders and not consumers, otherwise taxpayers if water delivery were a state-governed service. If the service remains a responsibility of the state, any profits reaped go to the public implying lower taxes or increased spending in other beneficial activities (Trew). From a corporate perspective, water exportation would be expensive because of shipping costs since water is heavy and returns from it through local selling would not bring back the investment. therefore, financial viability would not be sensible.

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