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History homework help. Write 2 page essay on the topic Leadership and control plan.The president of the firm is currently not delegating any responsibilities to its vice-presidents. A lot of changes have to occur at this company to turn things around.A new leadership plan has to be implemented to improve the employee morale at the firm. One of the first steps to show the employees that the firm cares about their professional development is to immediately implement a training and development plan. Each month all the employees of the firm should have the opportunity to receive at least an hour of training. The firm should have both required and voluntary training and development sessions. The managerial staff of the firm should receive advance training on leadership topics. Another way to improve leadership within the company is by adopting the use of delegating and empowerment. These two topics should be emphasized in the training and development efforts of the firm. Delegation can be defined as the process of giving power or work to someone else so that they are responsible for part of what they normally do (Theyagu). Leadership can also be enhanced at the company by the utilization of teamwork. Working in team units allows workers to improve their communication skills and to work in a cohesive manner with their colleagues to achieve common goals.The control measures of the company are completely inadequate. The firm has a major weakness in its accounting department. The firm’s accounting department is understaffed and not performing adequately. The first step is for the firm to hire a consultant in accounting to perform an external auditing to ensure that the company is complying with the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). The external audit performed by this firm must be evaluated by the newly hired position of comptroller at the firm. Along with a comptroller the firm must hire two additional staff accountants with at least three years of experience in accounting. The newly form accounting

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