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History homework help. Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses discuss how knowledge of psychosocial factors can impact on the way a radiographer deals with aggression in patients/carers within a radiology department. r cases of aggression are from patients suffering from chronic physical and psychosomatic problems, and from patients/ carers troubled severely by anxiety and fear.Some other factors that contribute towards aggressive behaviour on the part of patients or their carers are: paucity of sufficient staff to attend to patients immediately. The inconveniences of long waiting periods adversely affect some patients. This is of particular concern in the Accident and Emergency department, where efficient and immediate attention by healthcare workers may be vital. Unacceptably long waiting times, while suffering from pain or discomfort is a major problem for patients. Radiographers are one of the first health care workers of the hospital that the patient will come in contact with, and can vent their anger upon. (p.89).Besides delayed treatment, post-operative confusion is another cause for patientsÂ’ violence. At night, when fewer staff members are available, an employee may be at higher risk of assault. Also, alcohol or drug abuse among patients or their carers can cause instances of aggressive behaviour against the staff member. It is also seen that younger and less experienced employees are more prone to encountering violent behaviour.. Lack of effective training in dealing with physical or mental abuse may result in the same employees being targetted many times. Healy et al 2002 (pp 85-86) reiterate that training in the management of abusive behaviour can reduce the number of such occurrences.Radiographers, and the potential risk of confronting aggression: As stated by Healy et al 2002 p85, violence to staff working in non-Irish hospitals is well-reported for doctors, nurses and ambulance workers. As quoted (p.85) from the The College of Radiographers, Journal: Elsevier Science Ltd, 2002, a recent study by the Society of Radiographers demonstrated that radiographers are similarly at risk.

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