Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

History homework help. fast in both directions,with rate constants k1 and k-1Step 2(irreversible):H4AsO4+ + I- —> H3AsO3 + HOI slow, with rate constant k2Step 3(irreversible): HOI + I- + H+ —> I2 + H2Ofast, with rate constant k3A.Rate = k [I-]2 [H3AsO4] [H+]2B.Rate = k [I-] [H3AsO4]C.Rate = k [I-] [H+]2D.Rate=k [H3AsO3] / ([I-]2 [H3AsO4] [H+]2)E.Rate = k [I-] [H3AsO4] [H+]F.Rate=k [I-]2 [H3AsO4] [H+]2 / [H3AsO3]G.Rate = k [I-] [H3AsO4] / [H+]H.Rate = k [I-] [H3AsO4] [H+]2I.Rate = k [I-]2 [H+]J.Rate = k [I-]2 [H3AsO4] [H+]K.Rate = k [H3AsO4] [H+]L.Rate = k [I-]2 [H3AsO4]MORE THAN ONE CHOICE

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