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History homework help. Need an research paper on self career planning. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. As a graduate student, I believe that in today’s competitive world, it is very imperative for individuals to understand and evaluate themselves personally, as one cannot survive in this globalized world by applying ostrich’s approach that results in career plateau (Allen, Russell, Poteet, & Dobbins, 1999). Thus, this paper will focus on my explorations about my own self and aspects of my personality that will play a considerable role in the decision-making process during my life. The following section of this paper will include the results of Myers’ Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test (Bayne, 1997) and analysis of its different indications about my personality. I will put efforts in presenting the results of the test in such a manner that the reader will be able to create a general picture of my personality. Furthermore, it will be my aim to relate the results of the MBTI test with different aspects of my life that have already happened in the past. The next section of the paper will focus more on the identification of my career goal on the basis of an analysis of the test results, as well as my personal observations. This section will include a brief description and discussion about the field in which I intend to have my career and its correlation with the results. The following section will shed light on requirements, information, specifications of the particular job, as well as its field and/or industry that will be helpful in understanding the probability of my highest achievement in that specific career. The fifth section will include discussion on challenges or barriers related to the identified job and field/industry, and the gaps that exist between my current profile and the identified job. More importantly, it will include the steps that will help me in reaching closer to my vision and target achievement in life.&nbsp.

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