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History homework help. Wynona Bailey loves her hometown of Haven Point, Colorado, and despite the tragedy of losing her father and one of her brothers in the line of duty, she’s followed in their footsteps as a local police officer. She adores her job, but Wyn has an impulsive side that often lands her in trouble with Police Chief Cade Emmett, a former bad boy and her brother’s best friend. Lately, though she hasn’t told a soul, Wyn’s become restless and feels that her life trajectory has hit a dead end.Wyn’s penchant for impulsive behavior lands her in hot water when, in order to save two young boys from a burning barn, she disobeys Cade’s orders. The prospect that Wyn might have died in the fire knocks Cade off his center, and he suspends her from the force. Wyn is determined to talk Cade out of the suspension, which leads her to the police chief’s front door. He surprises her—and himself—by inviting Wyn inside to share a steak dinner on his moonlit deck. When Wyn is with Cade in the (extremely attractive) flesh, his appeal is impossible to ignore, sparks fly on both sides, and they share a passionate kiss. However, a phone call from work reminds Cade that he’s her boss, and he immediately regrets what has happened between them. Cade is harboring a dark secret, and Wyn, usually honest and open, is hiding both her feelings and her uncertainty about her plans for the future.There are plenty of good reasons why Cade and Wyn should keep their hands off each other, but they don’t seem able to leave each other alone.Award-winning romance novelist RaeAnne Thayne takes us into the hearts and hopes of the small-town community, keeping us intrigued with her well-rounded and likeable characters. Believable and refreshingly well-written, Riverbend Road, fourth in Thayne’s Haven Point series, provides plenty of titillating moments and reads like time well-spent.Update Madalin Stunt Cars 2 full version.

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