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homework help. Compose a 3000 words essay on Sustainable tourism. Needs to be plagiarism free!Cost savings linked with tourism industry are management of resource, energy, waste and water. Resource management enables customer service and comfort. The benefit of recognition and cost savings is closely knitted with the concept of sustainable organization. In past few decades there has been increasing awareness regarding social or environmental impacts caused by hotel operation and development. Sustainability issues are greatly driven by wide array of factors like desire of operator or owner to decrease operational costs, alter attitude of investors towards environmental conditions and regulatory forces imposed on facility development. The sustainability aspect aims at balancing social, environmental and financial factors in order to undertake appropriate decision making process over an extended period of time. In this study tourism industry of Australia would be clearly portrayed. Sydney is regarded as the largest city of Australia. This location comprises of vibrant national parks and pristine beaches. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel based in Sydney is a preferred tourist destination. This hotel offers 26 luxurious suites along with 336 stylish rooms. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel offers superior quality accommodation and award winning restaurants. There are other features which add value to this hotel operation. This study would outline this operation, its sustainability issues and recommended ways to eradicate such issues. Tourism industry can be sustainable only when it takes into account social, environmental and economic factors.The Australian hotel industry is one of the major economic drivers at national, local and state level. There are almost 30,000 individuals who are provided jobs by hotel industry of Australia. In economic context, Australian hotel industry generates $14 billion. The hotel industry can efficiently contribute towards national economic development. Long term strategy

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