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Instructions: Within the context of your Business Case project you will address and identify the different types of contracts that are available for the supply chain management.
For each of the six (6) contract types below, you will provide a description of each contract type and then identify where each of the contracts could be utilized within your project. These need to be specific examples and explain why the specific contract type would be ideal for these supplies (goods or services). There is no word minimum but each should cover the required material and provide the specific information sought.
Business Case:
The subway is expected to run the whole length of Manhattan. It will eventually connect with the already existing subway, East Side subway. The second avenue subway will also connect with the railroad at the 125th street in the north and run to the southern side to reach the financial district. However, phase one of the project was opened for the public in January 2017. There is a plan to include 16 new underground stations in the subway. These substations will be built using tunnels and cut-and- excavations. This project will occur below and maybe in some of the highly populated urban infrastructures in the world.
Fixed-Price Contracts
Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) Contract:
Fixed-Price-Incentive-Fee (FPIF) Contract:
Fixed-Price-Economic-Price-Adjustment (FP-EPA) Contract:
Cost-Reimbursable Contracts
Cost-Plus-Fixed Fee (CPFF) Contract:
Cost-Plus-Award-Fee (CPAF) Contract:
Cost-Plus-Incentive Fee (CPIF) Contract:

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Instructions: Within the context of your Business Case project you will address
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