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International Development homework help. art wk 8What are the distinguishing characteristics of buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright? Find a compelling example of one of his works and characterize what make it attractive to you using the methods and vocabulary you have been developing. Study the work in more detail and see, after studying the work more fully, if you still are attracted to all of the aspects of the work. Was the work of Wright part of a new movement in architecture or was it a refinement of an already existing movement? Be specific and justify your answer.Critically analyze several works of Maxfield Parish, try to find other examples of this style of art by other artists, determine if these are instances of an existing style before Parish or they are part of a new direction and style. Describe that style and critically analyze an instance of it that is most compelling to you.Which music of the previous 100 years will be considered to be the new “classical music” several hundred years from now and why?  In what other new major directions has music gone in the last 100 years? Identify and characterize at least three direction that you believe are the most significant and given a concrete example.Considering all that you have studied and learned over the period of this course, name two or three new directions for the arts (other than music) that you believe will become the new mainstream moving forward and support your position.From this study of the arts, have you developed any new insights or found new favorite pieces of art? If so, describe them, be specific, and explain why they are now favorites. Are these modern, post-modern, or pluralistic? Explain. If you your old favorites are still the best, describe in detail (in terms of media, style, part of a movement, etc.) and what it is about those pieces that are still so compelling after considering at so much art throughout the ages.

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