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International Development homework help. My company of choice is APPLE COMPUTERS, INCORPORATED. Paper is to be written in detail with full explanation and references for each point as well as where you got your information from. I WILL not accept unless it meets all the criteria’s below. PAPER MUST BE COMPLETELY ORGINAL.You are to examine, analyze and report on what the various barriers to entry were for the start-up company you are researching, and what did they specifically do from a strategic standpoint to overcome those barriers.Identify all the barriers to entry with explanation of what they are, how they apply, etc. From a start-up view point discuss the following for each barrier in full.1). Startups might seek to enter a business with high barriers to entry. Doing so would put the start-up at a significant disadvantage that is difficult to overcome.2). Startups that become market leaders must understand how to protect their position by building barriers to entry.Your paper is to be written in APA format and a minimum of 15 pages in length, not including the Cover Page, Table of Contents and References Page (please use at least 10 scholarly references to support your findings).Running head: APPLE COMPUTERS 1 APPLE COMPUTERSStudent NameCourse TitleJuly 29, 2016 2 APPLE COMPUTERSApple ComputersIntroduction Apple Computers, Incorporated is a new IT company which is…

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