Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

International Development homework help. INTRODUCTIONThe Historical Research Summary exercise ties in with the previous reading activity on history/culture. For this exercise, research and write about a historical event of your own choosing, and share the results in a discussion forum. This discussion forum is viewable to everyone in our class, and will serve as another creative resource for everyone later in the class, when you begin creating your own fiction/poetry. Please write this in your own words.  Summarize and paraphrase from the sources you use, do not copy/paste any phrases, sentences or paragraphs directly from the source. The writing should sound like you, in your voice.WHAT TO DOAll instructions may be found in this document: Historical Research ExerciseLinks to an external site.DUE DATES, GRADINGPost the results of your exercise no later than 1/7, 11:00 PM. You are encouraged to post responses to each other’s exercises, but responding is not required for this exercise. This is an optional, extra credit exercise worth 3 points. Please see the Historical Research Summary exercise document above and the Discussion Participation GuideLinks to an external site. for details on grading criteria.

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