Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

International Development homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on tradition and culture in the social setting contributes. My father who is a Christian and my mother a Muslim got married 25 years ago. My elder sister and I were the only children my parents had. Two cultural backgrounds conflicted that made me confused in what faith to follow. Because my father was a Christian demanded that we follow Christian faith him being the head. I grew up in a culture where men dominated in everything leaving women unrecognized. My mother having Islamic faith was taught to submit to her husband totally. I felt the two cultures being had on women. It was a prerequisite that my mother respects and submits to my dad in whatever the circumstances. My father intertwined intimidating acts and controls to my mother. Through the faith of my mother, I felt, she was the fairest of and the best woman due to her feminine grace and tenderness of heart that expressed in her eyes as she could honor my father. I thought that the cultures were unfair to women resulting in biological differences between men and women in both cultures in terms of division of labor and responsibilities of both men and women in the society. My father worked in a construction company, and was hardly seen at home but entertained friends and other men, and worked for long hours. His principle duty was to provide for the family materially. The responsibility of child upbringing was shouldered on my mother since women were not allowed to work but do domestic chores. Her responsibilities were to take care of us, discipline and control us as well as carry out all household chores.&nbsp.

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