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Languages homework help. Hi, I need help with essay on Is Bakhtin’s concept of the carnivalesque a helpful model in analyzing contemporary celebrity culture. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!In this case, it can be claimed that people usually take part in a carnival, where regular human life rules, regulations, restrictions and hierarchy of the society are not applicable. Bakhtin has offered four specific categories for carnival event that include ‘Free and familiar interaction between people’, ‘Eccentric behaviours’, ‘Cannibalistic misalliances’ and ‘Sacrilegious’. In this regard, Bakhtin has emphasized these above mentioned human behaviours or approaches for ensuring freedom and opportunity of equality among the people. Bakhtin’s concept of the carnivalesque has manifested in forms of ritualistic acts and it plays a major part in case of carnivalistic life. Simultaneously, Bakhtins concept of the carnivalesque helps in case of identifying the popular culture of carnival (Karimova, 2010).In this essay, the objective is to identify weather Bakhtins concept of the carnivalesque a helpful model in analysing contemporary celebrity culture. In order to attain this objective, it is essential to identify the key aspects of the Bakhtins concept. Moreover, it is essential to identify the trend of the contemporary celebrity culture.Mikhail Bakhtins humour and his comic essence made him one of the most popular critics of the concepts of carnivals that are effectively practiced in the different segments of the society. According to HU (2012), Bhaktin’s conceptualisation of carnivalesque is majorly based on the dialogical genre of the different concepts. The study of Karimova (2010) implied that Bhaktin’s states carnivals to be different from real life that the people lead in this world. The rules, regulations and real life tantrums are missing in the festivals and carnivals that affect the concepts of festivity. Furthermore, Bhaktin’s concepts of carnivalesque are based on the concepts that bring together the opposites of the society. This focuses on the use of the different concepts such as the death and birth as well as rebels

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