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Languages homework help. I need some assistance with these assignment. carrefour company Thank you in advance for the help! items, products, food and merchandise and, secondarily, providing within the said stores all services that may be of interest to the customers was the purpose of establishing Carrefour (2012, p.272).This multi-format, multi-channel and multi-local group comprises of 9,994 stores which operates in thirty three different countries. Followed by the first hypermarket which was opened in 1963 in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (Essonne), the company out-sourced in 1973, starting business in Spain (2012, p.05). During the consecutive years Carrefour expanded throughout the Europe, America, Middle-East and Asia and currently, more than 10 million customers annually visit Carrefour stores while 25,000 suppliers provide fresh food, grocery and other items such as small house-hold goods, textiles, home appliances (photo equipment, DVDs, sound and multimedia equipment) to its stores which are established worldwide. The objective of the current study is to analyze the activities and strategy of Carrefour which leads to its competitive advantage in the market and adopt Porter’s five forces competition theory model (Carrefour, 2012).The principal risk factors in the industry have been identified and categorized by Carrefour.

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