Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Languages homework help. Estimation of Fire Loss: On January 20, 2011, the records of the Stewart Company revealed the following information:Inventory, July 1, 2010: $53,600Purchases, July 1, 2010 – January 20, 2011: $368,000Sales, July 1, 2010 – January 20, 2011: $583,000Purchases Returns: $11,200Purchases Discounts Taken: $5,800Freight-In: $3,800Sales Returns: $6,600A fire destroyed the inventory on January 20, 2011 except for purchases in transit, FOB shipping point of $6,000, and goods having a selling price of $4,700 that were salvaged from the fire. The salvaged goods had an estimated salvage value of $2,900. The average gross profit on net sales in previous periods was 40%.Required: Compute the cost of the inventory lost in the fire.

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