Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Languages homework help. Write a 4 page essay on Workplace Teams.As the discussion declares the structural shift from a top-down management system to a team-based management led to the creation of workplace teams. Many companies adopted the team-based approach because it enhances innovativeness and problem-solving abilities of the company. People can brainstorm on problems and propose ideas that are more optimum compared to a single person working. It enables a company that adopts it to be agile as its workforce is agile. Workplace teams are thus, important in a changing environment. Therefore, every student ought to be prepared to be an effective team player. Teamwork skills are important, and thus many companies, usually, consider the ability of its prospective employee to work effectively in a group.From this paper it is clear that a team-oriented structure means organizations or companies rely on small teams to handle and manage a number of tasks. Workplace teams proffer certain benefits because it permits collaboration of a number of employees. As defined by Ahles & Bosworth, a team consists of a small number of persons with matching skills. The persons hold themselves accountable for a common intention, approach, and a set of goals. Therefore according to the definition of Ahles & Bosworth and supported by Cornish, workplace team leads to better solutions, better production, and creativity. The advantages of a team-based approach are due to the ability of the approach to place equal responsibilities on the members of the group.

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