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Languages homework help. Write a 9 page essay on Battle Of Chickamauga.With the help of operation process the commander implemented mission of command. In this battle both the commanders gave direction, support and guidance to the army working under him. As per ADRP 5-0, during this war MG Rosecrans was unable to describe, understand and direct his army properly. The main roles of a commander are to analyze its operations, utilize its resources and communicate effectively with the army for implementing decision properly. MG Rosecrans used cavalry for delivering messages and establishing courier lines which failed miserably. He focused more on La Fayette Road for reaching Chattanooga. But if he had used Dry Valley and Vittetoe roads then he could have gained various opportunities to win the battle. MG Rosecrans was highly involved in managing different small issues of army. He was not concerned about the end result and was generating feasible options. He did not understand the operational environment of the war. Moreover MG Rosecrans failed to deliver his command properly on 20th September which made his army weak in the war. Calvary was used in the war for delivering message and developing courier line. MG Rosecrans used cavalry for managing the army during the war. The misuse of cavalry made the Army of the Cumberland weak. The commander was unable to important information through cavalry. If the commander used cavalry for gathering intelligence then he could have gained strong position in the war. The commander should have focused on exploring various routes for conducting surveillances by using cavalry1. MG Rosecrans relied mainly on couriers for communicating information. He did not used Signal Corps effectively for communicating with its subordinates. There was a need for improved communication in the war. But lack of planning and inefficient use of assets made the communication process weak.

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