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Languages homework help. I will pay for the following essay The love-song of J.Alfred Prufrock. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.He also preferred the epigraphy because of its immediacy in conveying his message of troubled being in a merciless world. However, the epic form echoes largely in successive stanzas the internal struggles affecting Prufrock as an individual. In other words, he has random thoughts that are vividly communicated in each stanza. Likewise, certain stanzas possess the use of free verse to connote Elliot’s deliberate usage of the technique as a means of breaching literary standards. He, for instance, notes in the third stanza “In the room the women come and go/Talking of Michelangelo” to portray a defiance of regular structure (Elliot 1). Additionally, it is a deeper manifestation of communicating differently. This poetic technique is supported by the poet’s use of a blank verse where there are no commas, semicolons, or hyphens at the end of every line. A blank verse makes the poem irregular and unmetered and, thus, spontaneous in the message it is intended for its audience.Likewise, Elliot employs the use of allusion in his poem as a ploy to create emphasis and achieve a lasting rhythmic effect. For example, the poet alludes to the Greek Poet Hesiod in line 29 when observes that “Time for all the works and days of hands (Elliot 2).” Another aspect of allusion is noted in line 52 when the poet makes references to the Twelfth Night by Shakespeare. Overall, it the allusions are meant to strengthen the imagery found in each stanza. On that perspective, imagery is a demonstration of the need to build realistic images of the plight and internal struggles affecting the persona in the poem. It is also meant to establish a link between comprehending the poet’s thought structure and the intended message for the audience. Use of repetition, on the other hand, is notable with the word ‘And’ to denote the urge to take a certain action successively in the

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