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Languages homework help. Compose a 1250 words assignment on the case of banjo jones and his blog. Needs to be plagiarism free! A second important fact of this case is that the writer of the web blog, Steve Olafson, was a journalist working for the Houston Chronicle. This is important because Mr. Olafson was a very talented writer that brought to the public very great information. He was able to provide powerful insights and opinions which other normal blogs lacked since many webmasters did not have the education and years of experienced Steve possessed. Many politicians, business owners and other publishing houses wanted to know the identity of Bango Jones. A third key fact of the case was that Mr. Olafson was fired by the Houston Chronicle for expressing his opinions on the internet. The newspaper violated Steve’s freedom of speech, which is very ironic since newspapers are in business because of freedom of speech protections.A missing fact in this case is whether the claim that Steve used the blog to constantly attack politicians and institutions such as Dennis restaurant were true. The majority of the material of the website was column writing in which Steve’s prefer topics were stories about neighborhood kids, baseball and other sport coverage (Orlowski, 2002). Another important missing fact is the ultimate consequence of Steve actions. Did he ever serve jail time for his alleged bridge of confidentiality? The answer is no, Steve served jailed time around that time for an unrelated matter concerning protection of a source from the Eastern Post, a decision which was later overturned by the judge (Orlowski, 2002). A third missing fact is if Steve Olafson and the Houston Chronicles became enemies. They did not become enemies.

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