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Law homework help. I will pay for the following essay Information law. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.ed up to meet the rising challenges and prospects that comes with the possession of information in the citadel of political institutions has resulted in an ineffective imbalance between the political elite and the citizenry took up a massive campaign to reverse the trend. a product of this campaign has being the extension of these provisions to include the infamous Data Protection Act 1998.Notwithstanding these significant success chucked, a few years down the line the Act has generated mixed feelings and also generated unprecedented public interest. It is against this background that the central focus of this essay will be to conduct an exhaustive analysis of the most contending issues in the Data Protection Act 2000 within the context of the application of it to contemporary issues.Some observers are of the opinion that the innumerable exemptions in the Act have rendered it so feeble that it barely serves the purpose for which it was enacted. Whilst on the other hand, another school of thought holds a completely contrasting view of the Act as being an instrument that is lavishly granting arbitrary intrusive powers that are by themselves self-destructive. they primarily threaten social cohesion and sense of individuality.Essentially, the Data Protection Act 1998 is part of the general legal system that already has a number of legislations that boarder on the rights of information. They include among others the Common Law of Confidentiality, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Data Protection Act 1998The government of the United Kingdom enacted and implemented the Data Protection Act 1998 through her parliament to provide the platform through which individuals are to be bestowed with the right to maintain a significant level of information from being disseminated to the public or third persons. In order words it can be said to be a form of privacy policy that safeguards the individual and other natural persons connected to him or her from

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