Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Law homework help. Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Information Technology in Transport and Logistics. This essay focuses on discussing the application of IT solutions to transportation and logistics that can improve their efficiency and to bring about better management of highways, shipping, airfreight, railroad and public transportation systems. The researcher also analyzes that it can help ease traffic congestion, enhance the efficiency and productivity of transportation services and logistics, and more significantly reduce costs. As it’s observed in the essay, sustainable transportation in an age today when energy prices are uncertain but broadly increasing requires that efforts be made to shift passenger and goods transport to cheaper means of transportation. The application of IT solutions to large-scale transportation and logistic systems has certainly produced increased efficiencies even today, particularly in order booking and tracking, vehicle navigation, route planning, and safety and control systems. However, the researcher states that there is still more room for making such applications wider across the globe in future in tune with the rapid strides in information and communication technologies and the Internet revolution. Information technologies also need to be capable of graceful scalability when applied to traffic control, logistic management or vehicle system. In addition, many logistics and transportation companies serve a large clientele, transparency of information about real-time operations can also make a difference to clients, particularly in scheduling and tracking shipments.

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