Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Law homework help. explain how the literature informs you about Claudia and her family when assessing her situation.Describe two social issues related to the course-specific case study for Claudia that inform a culturally competent social worker.Describe culturally competent strategies you might use to assess the needs of children.Describe the types of data you would collect from Claudia and her family in order to best serve them.Identify other resources that may offer you further information about Claudia’s case. Describe how the ecological perspective of assessment influenced how the social worker interacted with Claudia.Describe how the social worker in the case used a strengths perspective and multiple tools in her assessment of Claudia. Explain how those factors contributed to the therapeutic relationship with Claudia and her family.To Whom It may concern, there is a case study but, I’m not sure how to attach it although, I did find it on course hero. Please advise.

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