Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Law homework help. Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Was the conquest of Spanish America an ambivalent conquest.According to the research findings colonization and conquest are not events but processes that affect the victims and the conquerors . To measure the degree of the change in the victims and the conquerors, it is crucial for one to understand the culture of the conquered society. The Mayan and the Spanish societies underwent a hard period during the colonization process. In this view, the essay develops a clear and concise argument in answering the question “Was the conquest of Spanish American an ambivalent conquest?”This essay analyzes the main controversy that surrounds the Spanish presence in Yucatan. The main focus of this research paper is to the attention of the initial the eventual success and the initial attempts of the Spaniards when they attempted to solidify themselves with the Yucatan Peninsula .The author points out that the victory of the Maya community was short-lived. The Spanish community also had to live a different life because of the new Spanish masters. The individuals in the community had to utilize the available resources as a result of the lack of labor, the unsuitable grazing land, and the poor agriculture. There was also the collapse of the encomia system.Overall, despite the difficulties related to a lack of historical sources, this essay attempts to sort out truth from fiction in the “confessions” wrung out of the Maya by the Spanish Inquisitors.

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