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Mathematics homework help. Write a 5 pages paper on analysis of hacking into harvard. b. ‘We should send a message to society as a whole that we are attempting to produce people that when they go out into the world, they will behave ethically.’ -This statement is descriptive because it highlights an ethical behavior, which is ideally accepted in society. This statement makes a prediction regarding the factual consequences of their action, i.e. by canceling the application of those candidates who have hacked the account, they are being punished for their unethical behavior. This statement also generates an emotional reaction by highlighting the importance of ethics and its future positive consequences.c. ‘This behavior is unethical at best.- This statement can be considered as a descriptive statement as well as a normative. The adjective ‘unethical’ describes the behavior to be bad and against the moral judgment of an individual. Moreover, the following phrase ‘at best’ claims the value of behavior. The statement makes a factual claim about the behavior being unethical.a. Egoism: Egoism preaches that individuals are not required to act in the interest of others but should if that is the best way to promote our self-interest. The ethical theory of egoism states that self-interest is only the thing that ever motivates individuals. However, many critics have also stated that ethical egoism is not a moral principle and it also ignores blatant wrongs. It has misunderstood the nature and point of morality. The actions of the curious applicants’ were only to fulfill their self-interest, there was egoism in their activities and hence the actions were not moral (Shaw, 2007).b. Utilitarianism: Utilitarianism is concerned with the total happiness produced but not with how happiness is distributed. Utilitarianism may even sacrifice the happiness of some in order to achieve more amount of happiness. Many critics have considered utilitarianism as unjust. The morality of the curious candidates can be referred to as utilitarianism because they were only concerned about happiness but not the medium through which they are acquiring it (Shaw, 2007).&nbsp.

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