Tue. Nov 22nd, 2022

Mathematics homework help. 1. which of the following reactions corresponds to an elimination reaction?   a. propene –> 1,2, dibromopropaneb. 1-iodopropane –> propenec. propene –> propane d. 1-iodopropane –> 1-bromopropane e. 1-bromopropane –> 1-propoanol2. which one of the following is most likely to undergo elimination rather than substitution in a reaction with sodium methoxide?a. bromomethane b. bromoethane c. 1-bromopropaned. 2-bromopropane e. benzyl bromide 3. which one of the following alkyl halides undergoes the fastest solvolysis reaction with methanol, CH3OH?a. methyl chlorideb. ethyl chloridec. 1-chloroproaned. 2-chloropropanee. tera-butyl chloride

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