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Mathematics homework help. Compose a 2500 words essay on An Analysis of the CSR Strategies of Del Monte Kenya Limited. Needs to be plagiarism free!Business organisations that are socially responsible are supposed to incorporate environmental, economic, and social issues into their business operations. According to Deresky (2009), how to carry out business operations in a more socially responsible way in societies where violations of human rights are prevalent, where the environment is being destroyed or where conflict is pervasive, is one of the most difficult issues confronting business organisations nowadays. Although the company may be trying to achieve a justifiable goal, the strategies are not constantly justifiable, and, even if the strategies are justifiable, the consequences of the strategies may still be damaging or detrimental. This paper critically examines the CSR strategies of Del Monte Kenya Limited. The final section provides several recommendations to improve the company’s ethical and environmental credentials.CSR Strategies of Del Monte Kenya LimitedHow Del Monte Kenya Limited conducts business is justifiable in its dual goals (Bomann-Larsen & Wiggen, 2004, p. 165): (1) to produce first-class and finest pineapples. and (2) to generate profit. The first objective is a way of serving the people and society, and the second is the immediate outcome of any business venture. For its business operations the company requires massive areas of land, it has to boost production by using pesticides, and apparently it demands a huge number of labourers.

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