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Mathematics homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on evidence based practice & nursing research. In severity, the deep veins may also become incompetent. When there is ineffective blood flow to the legs, peripheral veins remain clogged even when walking. These veins remain filled with blood even and pressure therein does not drop. a condition referred to as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). It may result in ulcers, edema or skin change.In treatment, nurses dress the patientÂ’s legs with Anti-Embolism Stockings. These are close fitted, circular knitted elastic socks designed to be worn by patients exhibiting venous disorders. They were designed to increase the linear velocity of blood by exerting external pressure on the legs. These special socks are designed to prevent thromboembolism by the use of graduated pressure. These special socks are prescribed to patients experiencing blood pooling in the legs, blood clots and lower limb edema due to long hours of sitting. It is recommended that nurses should effectively access the patientsÂ’ legs and measure them for the correct size of Anti-Embolism Stockings.Nurses need the following things before the socks can be applied: Wall chart, tape measure, T.E.D stocking order pad/sizing chart and package of the covidien T.E.D. the anti-embolism stockings. The nurse is responsible for application, sizing and maintenance of the special stocking. Proper sizing of the Anti-Embolism Stockings is necessary so that the patient can enjoy the maximum benefits of the therapeutically treatment (Miller, 2011).Nurses should record the condition of the stocking during each inspection. The stockings should be washed after every 3 days to remove any body secretions. No ointment shall be used. instead, talcum powder should be used.

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