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Part 1
Return to the Project Libre file used in the previous assignment. Go to the Gantt and Task view, right click on Start and then insert column. Insert a Baseline duration column. Next, right click on the finish column, and insert an Actual Start column. Finally, right click on Predecessors and insert an Actual Finish column. Then, in the task view, click on Save Baseline. Your project should look similar to the Office Relocation project examples uploaded below:
Office Relocation Example_baseline.pod
Assume now that at least five of your project activities have slipped in duration, and some of these activities have completed late. Enter these schedule slips into your Project Libre file. What you now have is a typical view of what happens to a schedule when originally scheduled activities become delayed. (Note that the gray lines capture the original schedule baseline.)
Office Relocation Example_baseline_delays.pod
Assignment deliverable: Assume that you are a project manager and you must report progress of your schedule given the delays against the project baseline you set. Given that you must report to key stakeholders, Create a PowerPoint presentation, using at least 7 slides, that addresses the following:
What activities are delayed?
What happened and why?
What is the projected new schedule end date?
Present delay against original project baseline in the PowerPoint presentation.
Explain what actions you will take to recover your schedule.
Because effective presentations contain very few words, include a script for each content slide of at least 50 words per slide in a separate Microsoft Word document.

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Part 1 Return to the Project Libre file used in the previous assignment. Go to t
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