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Philosophy homework help. Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: An Analysis of The Famous Sushi Pants Story by Tucker Max;.The stories are entertaining, highlighting his views about women, excessive consumption of alcohol and drinking games, which lead to him insulting people, and embarrassing sexual encounters.Whether the stories are true or overly exaggerated perhaps is irrelevant, as one of his stories, which is in his popular publication and on the website is the “famous sushi pants story” (Max, 2006), and which recognizes and emphasizes on a familiar sequence of events individuals follow during a night out drinking alcohol, and commonly defined as binge drinking (Measham & Brain, 2005). Binge drinking is when an individual takes six or more standard drinks in one given period (WHO, 1994). Binge drinking is a common drinking behaviour in Ireland (SLAN, 2007).The impact of alcohol relies on the amount taken, although alcohol is a depressant it can have a stimulating effect. Some common effects following consumption include a sense of dis-inhibition, social freedom, and excitement, the proverbial ‘Dutch courage’, and a warm feeling of enjoyment. However, at higher doses alcohol can affect the cerebellum, which results in poor balance and slurred speech (Drinkaware, 2014).The ‘Sushi Pants Story’ is one of a young mans shamelessness. Morality is rarely discussed. However, moments during the story the author has inscribed remarks, “remembering past encounters with the law, and realising there is no one around to bail me out of the county lock up, I summon up every bit of adrenalin in my body to sober up, I apologise again” (p.6). There appears to be disapprobation or at least of an egressing consciousness that there is something “wrong” with this behaviour.Additionally, there is a way in which this story records the pain and sorrow of a young man whose life while in certain aspects is in good order, in other ways has careened out of control.

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