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Philosophy homework help. Write 15 pages thesis on the topic critically discuss being drinking among women and particularly among asian women. This is because they are the largest group between the two that is experiencing rapid growth in binge drinking. This paper seeks to explore the theoretical implication of binge drinking while focusing on Asian women.As a modern phenomenon, binge drinking is more of a problematic form of drinking as opposed to pleasurable drinking. There has been numerous instances of debate on binge drinking in the media, especially in the TV and the newspaper with shameful representations captioned by examples such as “Binge Britain’s Night of Shame”, “Booze Britain” and “Ladette to Lady”. From these contexts, it is clear that the people being described in the TV and the newspaper are young people who engage in unacceptable behavior after alcohol intoxication. There are also alcohol policies put in place by the government to promote sensible behavior when drinking (Nicholls 2009).In academic studies, there are misconceptions about the phenomenon of binge drinking being a new manifestation of the 21st century. What is also questionable is its mere existence and how exactly it is presented in practice because most of the people who go out drinking on weekends are painted by the media and the government as being binge drinkers when they do not overtly comprehend the nature of their drinking themselves (Haydock 2009). Academic accounts also identify a problem with the fact that binge drinking is considered a new phenomenon, given that there are numerous aspects that influence the “newness” and they vary with race, culture, age, gender among others. For instance according to Measham and Brain’s (2005), the “culture of intoxication” is a representation of “determined drunkenness” which is a calculated and deliberate attempt made by a person to get drunk (Measham & Brain 2005).

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