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Philosophy homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Global Marketing in Albania. It needs to be at least 1500 words.This research will begin with the population and demographics of Albania. As of July 2014, the population of Albania is 3,020,209, of which 19.3 percent belongs to 0 to 14 age groups, 19.2 percent belongs to 15- to 24 age group, 19.2 percent belongs to 25 to 54 age group, 10.5 percent to 55 belongs to 64 age group and 11.1 percent belongs to 65 years and over age group. Population growth rate is 0.3 % whereas birthrate is 12.73 births per 1000 population. Knowing about the population, the demographics, the trends and related statistics of a specific country or region is critically important while planning for marketing of certain goods or services to that market mainly to design and develop the marketing strategies by considering customer requirements and preferences. Albania is a small mountainous country with a long Adriatic coastline. The country has a Muslim majority. Basically, Albanians are divided into two, the Northern Albanians or Ghegs, and the Southern Albanians or generally termed as Tosks. Shkumbin River plays a significant role in dividing the southern and northern Albanians. According to Albania’s official figures, Muslims are 59 percent of the Albanian population, Catholic amounts to 10 percent of Albania’s population and Orthodox Christian below 10 percent. For a global marketer, it is very important to see where the economy stands and how it stays in comparison with other economies either nearby or with those the company proposes to expand its marketing. Albania is ranked 68, in relation to business environment and ease of business. The figure given below shows the ranks of Albania and other comparator economies on the ease of doing business.

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