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Philosophy homework help. Assignment: Paraphrasing and QuotingIn this module, you discovered that adhering to standards of academic integrity has value for you personally and professionally as a special education scholar-practitioner and as a leader in the field of special education. For this Assignment, you will have the opportunity to practice some of the skills crucial for ensuring academic integrity in your writing: properly attributing and citing the sources of information, paraphrasing, and direct and block quoting.To prepare:·         Identify three scholarly articles (primary sources published within the past 5 years) related to your identified issue in the field of special education in addition to the ones you have already identified.·         Review resources from Module 4 on primary and secondary sources.·         Review the APA manual on paraphrasing and quoting.·         Complete the Paraphrasing and Quoting Exercise from the Module 5 Learning ResourceComplete Paraphrasing and Quoting Exercise using the three current articles you identified for this Assignment. Provide the APA citation, a synopsis that demonstrates your understanding and use of paraphrasing and quoting for each, as directed on the template.Please see File

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