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Physics homework help. Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: E was the first company to move book retailing online. In less than a decade, it has become one of the most recognizable brands on earth. It expanded from being a book retailer to a virtual marketplace where all sorts of buyers and sellers of rare, used, and collectible items found a platform. Today it offers even online auctions including toys, music, DVDs, house ware, and a variety of other products and it is the world’s most customer-centric company. It sells virtually anything to more than 38 million customers (Success story) is renowned for its customer experience and overall satisfaction. They used technology to constantly improvise and innovate. “We work hard to refine our technology, which allows us to make recommendations that make shopping more convenient and enjoyable,” explains Diane N. Lye, Ph.D., Amazon.coms senior manager for worldwide data mining. ” (SAS). uses the SAS technology to analyze the results of their ongoing efforts to improve personalization. Multi-threading allows to apply multiple processors to complex analytic tasks. They constantly evaluate the new product page layouts and new search technology. It is their ‘technology base that allows customers to find, discover and glean out of hundreds of millions of products, those that really interest them, says Rick Dalzell, the CIO of (Success story) has one of the world’s largest data warehouses, which allows it to personalize customer satisfaction. Their goal has always been customer satisfaction and hence any technology that they incorporate is to help the customer find what he finds easily and enable a simple and convenient purchase process. Data warehousing allows them to manage growth according to Mark Dunlop, Director (Success story). Their data includes order data, inventory data, and customer data. The data warehouse is connected to almost every system in the company. The very name of the company

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