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Physics homework help. Write a 3 page essay on In the heart of the sea: the tragedy of the whaleship essex.The harvest of the sperm whales that are the largest toothed animals in the whale category was not an easy task. The book portrays a great vessel used to seek one of the most exceptional creatures of the seas. Both the whaleship and the sperm whale had the potential to destroy each other. Harvesting the sperm whales using the whaleship was more of a battle between the titans. Sailors in the whaleship used to attempt to stab the sixty-ton creature that had the potential of destroying their vessel with a flick of the tail. The book illustrates an antagonism between the whaleship and the sperm whale in a critical manner.The book has a developed focus on the activities of men and nature. The book focuses on the struggles men have to undergo in their daily activities and their interactions with nature. The whaling exertion was full of natural obstacles and dangers. The process began with the chance of being thrown into the sea following the destruction of the vessel by the sperm whale. Where men were successful enough, the next challenge was loading the enormous creature into their vessel for inland oil harvesting. Nantucket whalers had to deal with the unpredictable storms, the dangers associated with the rounding of Cape Horn, underwater dangers, and changing winds. The struggle with nature affecting the Essex crew is also evident in Philbricks book following the destruction of the whaleship. The vessel faced fierce storms and high unfavorable winds that created a situation that almost ended in a disaster.Another aspect that the book has presented in a great writerÂ’s zeal is the unspoken leadership wrangles affecting the seamen in their daily voyages. Pollard was a short man who had served as the first mate with the Essex for many years before being promoted to the Captain in 1819. The same year that Pollard assumed the role of a captain was the same one he

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