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Physics homework help. Write an Annotated Bibliography and a Research Proposal regarding the topic “how dose social media affect on female’s mental health. “For Annotated Bibliography:Find 4 credited source (academic journal, news article, report, or other credible web source), and for each of them write annotations for these sources. And create MLA citations for ALL annotations. The citation should be placed on a line of its own before the annotation. Each annotation should be NO LESS THAN 250 WORDS.requirements:1.My annotated bibliography entries begin with an MLA citation of my source. If Iused a citation engine like EasyBib, I checked the citation using Purdue OWL to make sure it was generated correctly.2.My annotations (description) begin with a concise summary of the source.3.My annotations expand to include a brief, focused explanation of the informationmost relevant to your topic.4.My annotations conclude with a brief explanation of why I chose to use this specific source. This portion will answer the question, “Why this source and not another?”5.My annotations are single-spaced and conclude with a word count formatted likethis: [Word Count: ____]6.My annotations are alphabetized by citation (the authors’ last names).For Research Proposal NO LESS THEN 550 WORDSrequirements:1.My research proposal provides a general overview of my topic, including· the group of people being discussed· the type of media (film, TV, news, etc.)· how this group of people is represented in specific examples of my chosenmedia format (ex. A specific TV show, episode, news program, film, etc.)2.My research proposal includes a statement of the questions I will attempt toanswer in my paper. This will likely include a big question (“How does social mediaaffect teens’ mental health?”) and smaller questions that stem from that bigquestion (“How does social media create communities in which self-injury behavioramong teens is promoted?”)3.My research proposal offers a brief summary of my position or argument on thistopic and why I’m interested in this topic. This might include my personalexperiences but it doesn’t have to.4.My research proposal includes a brief overview of the sources I’ve collected thus far and how these support my discussion of the topic.5.My research proposal offers a prediction (hypothesis?) of what conclusions I thinkI’ll reach in my paper.6.My research proposal expresses my hopes for the reader and answers the question, “What do I want people to learn from this?”7.My research proposal expresses my hopes for the reader and answers the question,“What do I want people to learn from this?”

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