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Political Science homework help. Need an research paper on select a film and analyze relationships in the film. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. The Phantom hails from a cave found beneath opera house in Paris meant for dance performance. On the other side, Christine is a dancer in the opera house. a situation which hints on their possible encounter. In his cave, the Phantom dreams of controlling the way Opera house operates and this leads him to making attempts of frightening the residents in the opera house. Initially, the Phantom had escaped his master after murdering him then meeting the French girl who brought him to the cave. Since she was a resident at opera house, the film brings out several incidences in which the phantom had taught her to sing perfectly. In this case, the main reason for having a close relationship with Christine was to use condition her to changing the running of the opera house. In personality, his face was full of deformations making him more embarrassed and in dire need for an intimate relationship. This leads him to developing obsession and lust with Christine as he continued teaching her how to sing. At the instance when new owners took over the control of the house, the Phantom fought for Christine to be put as a lead singer. This shows his sacrifice for the relationship since he ends up causing destruction in the house. The sacrifice and the growing relationship makes Christine believe that her father’s dream for an angel to protect her was coming true through the Phantom. The following is a quote made by Christine, which served as a turning point in their relationship:In most of the cases, the Phantom makes use of non-verbal communication in his relationship with Christine. A mutual attraction arises in the relationship between the two. Phantom manages to teach Christine how to sing and brings her to the limelight, while the latter makes the former more powerful because of the company. The beautiful voice of the Phantom makes Christine attracted besides the chaos he creates at the expense of bringing her to limelight.

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