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Primary Task Response:
There are three standardized approaches to digital signatures: RSAPSS, ECDSA, and the original DSA developed by NIST. One advantage of RSA-PSS is that RSA-based signature schemes are already widely used in commercial applications. One advantage of DSA is that it is the original scheme approved by NIST and is implemented in numerous packages, especially within the US government and government contractors. One advantage of ECDSA is efficiency.
Discuss the relative merits of the three approaches for a new commercial product.
Peer Response(s):Read the responses from your peers and offer a constructive critique or additional information that adds substantively to the discussions. Be sure to acknowledge any outside sources you use.
Your responses to other students must be more than a simple Good job or I agree with your post. They must also not just be Let me add to your post Instead, your responses to each other should do three things:
1. Acknowledge the other students post with some form of recognition about what they posted
2. Relate their posting to something you have learned or are familiar with
3. Add to the conversation by asking additional questions about their post, or discussing their topic further
Remember, this is a discussion forum. Your engagement with each other should be similar to how you would speak with each other if you were seated at the same table talking.
Yourinitial response to the question posed is due by Wednesday of each weekof the course and you must respond to a minimum of two other learners (peers) during the week.The peer responses are due by Sunday.
Plagiarism in the discussion will not be tolerated.

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