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Psychology homework help. Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: #1 Julia.She then receives negative comments the following year on issues of being unfriendly and absenteeism in some faculty meetings. She is even interrupted in her conversations or ignored completely (Szybinski & Jordan, 2010, p. 4-6 & L. 1-99).Julia’s situation has to do with her positive attitude towards her new job, something that is not tradition in the department. Most of the faculty members are not motivated to apply for grants or get involved in research with students but Julia wants to make a difference. This is in accordance with the academic duty of a professor. This makes her colleagues feel like she is trying too hard to make an impression. The senior faculty then decides to put her down by ignoring her and giving negative feedback during review. They see her as unfriendly because she doesn’t exchange pleasantries with colleagues. She looks like she is alienating herself from the rest of the faculty members by no attending some meetings. Her situation is made worse when she does not involve herself with office gossip. This makes the seniors feel like she is being intimidating and rebellious (Cariaga-Lo, et al, 2010, P.19-22 & L. 1-98).Julia’s colleagues refuse to vote for her tenure because as they stated, she does not relate well with her colleagues. This however is much deeper than that. Considering that she has the best skills in research and worked for the benefit of the department, the seniors did not take this positively. The faculty feels that they are being undermined by a junior staff. They alienate her and use it against her during evaluation. Julia makes the situation worse when she decides to take matters in her own hands. She ignores her colleagues completely by closing her office door and only opening it during office hours. She makes it even worse when she decides to discuss her colleagues with other faculty members from other departments instead of taking her concerns to the department chair. This is

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