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Psychology homework help. Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Borderlands: Afghanistan and Pakistan Provinces and Tribal Areas.Hence, this research will be based on materials that reflect and make the above conspicuous. Several factors have informed the selection of the sources listed below. First, is the depth of research exhibited in the work and reliance on data derived scientifically. Secondly, accessibility of the material has been factored in to enable both the researcher and any other third party to easily get access to them. Thirdly, the experience of the authors and their extent on which they have written concerning the topic. Moreover, conflicting opinions, ideas, or conclusion among scholars and experts has been factored in to absorb information that has been criticized and evaluated from several points of view. Finally, the research has been divided into the following subtopics. In this column, Hamid looks at the history of the state of Afghanistan, from the efforts of Ahmad Shah Durrani, through the Russian invasion to the present day. He also describes the Pashtuns, their quest for autonomy and the strategic point which they occupy at the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. To add, he describes at length the eastern, southern and western areas of Afghanistan which border Pakistan. He further delves into the territory and its inhabitants looking at its geographical and demographic characteristics that inform the region. He addresses at length the ethnic composition and Transborder interactions between these tribes from time immemorial. Further, he writes about the civil war that engulfed the region, up to the rise of the Taliban’s. He further states that some tribes of Pashtuns and Tajiks chose Pakistan over Kaboul due to its geographic and ethnic factors.

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