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Psychology homework help. Write 1 page essay on the topic Hills like White Elephants is a story where the dialogue is prominent, but still many of the details are vague and shadowy. How would you describe the man in this story from his dialogue What about the woman What can you tell about their relationship.He insists that abortion is “perfectly simple” (Hemingway 403). He even makes grand promises that afterwards, they can be happy again and “have the whole world” (Hemingway 403). He wants to manipulate Jig into thinking that abortion is best for them, when, in reality, he does not want to commit to Jig any more than he has to because he is not willing to have kids with her.Ironically, though the man is domineering, he is insecure because he always has the need to feel superior over Jig. For instance, when Jig says that he has not seen any white elephants, he responds: “…just because you say I wouldnt have doesnt prove anything” (Hemingway 401). He has a defensive tone in his language that shows that he does not want to be in any way inferior to Jig. In addition, the man dominates Jig through his patronizing attitude. Jig is going to undergo a physically-intrusive and potentially emotionally-damaging abortion operation and yet he calls it an “awfully simple operation” that is “perfectly natural” (Hemingway 401). He also asserts that abortion will make everything return to normal because it is “the only thing” that made them “unhappy” (Hemingway 401). He just wants a carefree relationship with no strings attached. In addition, their relationship is unequal because the man wants to monopolize the power in making decisions for their welfare through emphasizing the girl’s lack of knowledge on abortion and relationships. The words “perfectly simple” (Hemingway 403) are redundant already, which means that he is saying that Jig knows nothing about abortions. He even pretends to care for her by saying that she can choose to not abort it, but he also reminds her that the operation is “perfectly simple” (Hemingway 403). His true intention is to control their relationship according to his needs and wants alone.Jig is young, so she tends to be passive and emotionally dependent on the man, at least initially, but as she reflects on

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