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Psychology homework help. Write 1 page essay on the topic SAB 361 UNIT 9.Active participation in sports and other leisure activities contribute positively to the total educational process through the development of skills essential for everyday life” (University of Memphis par. 4).has time and again demonstrated a strong and positive correlation between high school sports participation and academic achievement” (3). Hartmann (2008) likewise cited other research studies that supported the contention that involvement in high school or college sports contribute positively to the educational process, to wit: “developmental theorists have long talked about thecharacter-building and socializing impacts of sport, based upon a correlation between skills and habits required for success in the classroom, sports arena, and daily life… Even more recently, sociologists have begun to explore the role that sports participation plays in community involvement and the cultivation of social capital more generally” (8). These validates that sports contribute positively to the educational process of the institution, as a whole.Hartmann, Douglas. “High School Sports Participation and Educational Attainment: Recognizing, Assessing and Utilizing the Relationship.” 2008. LA84 Foundation. 8 April 2012

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