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Psychology homework help. I will pay for the following essay School Guidance. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.It has laid down in clear terms what are the responsibilities expected of the school counselors with regard to various groups of people who are directly connected with the school counseling program.iv) The counselor should rely only on tested evaluation programs and interpret the results of those evaluations in such a manner that it paves the way for further development of the student smoothly and steadily.i) Should respect the rights and responsibilities of parents/guardians for their children and should try to establish, an effective, collaborative relationship with parents/guardians in order to facilitate the student’s maximum development.ii) Should keep the parents and guardians posted about the results of the evaluation programs undertaken by the counselor and get their suggestions also for further corrective and suggestive actions that may be warranted for the benefit of the student’s overall development.In addition, the ASCA has also described the school counselor’s responsibilities to the Teachers and Staff Members and the Community members. If only the school counselor adopts a really professional approach, all the stakeholders, the students, their parents, the school and the community, will benefit immensely. This puts a greater responsibility on their shoulders which they can discharge efficiently if they adhere to the professional standards chalked out by ASCA, in their National Model with the 4 principles of foundation, delivery, management and accountability.Foundation: The professional school counselor understands the school’s mission and aligns the counseling program with the former to achieve overall success in providing academic, personal/social and career development needs of the students. In accomplishing this task, the shift has to be in changing the student counseling program from being just a service-centered activity to

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