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Psychology homework help. Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic EXPLAINING bEHAVIOUR.According the psychoanalytical theory of Freud, a child goes through a series of psychosexual stages as he grows up. Each stage is dominated by the development of sensitivity in a particular erogenous or pleasure-giving zone of the body. Freud identifies five stages of psychosexual development: the oral, anal, phallic, latent and genital. The oral phase starts from the moment of birth, when both needs and their fulfilment involve participation of child’s tongue, lips and teeth. Mouth is the first zone of body the child can control and due to this the most part of his sexual energy is focused on it. Later, when the child can control other parts of his body, a certain part of his energy still remains ‘cathected’ to his mouth. Therefore it is natural for a child to have a moderate interest to oral pleasures at this stage (Frager & Fadiman, 2000).As the child grows up new zones of pleasure appear. At age between two and four years the child is learning how to control the anal sphincter and bladder, they obtain much of his attention. The process of toilet training excites the child’s interest to self-discovery. Since parents interfere with elimination pleasures, the child develops ambivalent attitudes toward them. As children resolve the conflict between their needs for parental love and instinctual gratification they evolve lifelong attitudes toward cleanliness, orderliness, punctuality, submissiveness, and defiance (Bateman & Holmes, 1995).At the age of tree years the child enters the phallic stage of development: he focuses on his genitals. This phase is called phallic because the child starts to realize whether he has penis or not. At that point children understand the difference between two sexes. During phallic stage of development children treat their parents as a potential threat to fulfilment of their needs (Frager &

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