Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

Psychology homework help. Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Immigrant Stories. He realized that fully accepting the new culture poses a varied scope of problems to the immigrants. In this case, this problem is presented in the form of the problems facing the families living outside their main stream social construct of the Native American culture. The micro societies and the enlightened Natives address these problems by reconstructing the existing service delivery programs and coordinating them in a better way so that the immigrants access them with ease. The objective is met to create a uniform platform for both the Natives and the immigrants. This is also done by targeting the needs of the immigrants more directly than ever, especially on issues to the manner the social and health problems. The provision of services to curb mental illness and overall body disabilities should be incorporated into the target objectives to help realize the goal of improved service universal deliverance.The immigrants’ stories are built to reflect on life challenges of the immigrants in the contempt to meet the needs of the new cultural settings. They focus on the dispensation of the challenges that the new culture imposes onto the lives of the immigrants. Kingston, Mukherjee, Gish, Lahiri, and Jhumpa, in their stories, show the need to address the issues that challenge the lives of the immigrants. In Blue Meridian by Jean Toomer, these problems are addressed by providing the solutions to racial differences and enlightenment of Natives to accept the immigrants as part of their own cultural setting.

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