Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Psychology homework help. I am having trouble with this assignment. Can you help?Using the scenario from Week Two, construct a recursive pseudo code algorithm.The algorithm should look for specific text within all textbooks located in a library including; each textbook title string, each chapter title string, each paragraph string, etc.Previous assignment :The University bookstore hired your Learning Team to design a new textbook inventory system, including the following major processes:Ordering textbooksReceiving textbooksDetermining retail price and pricing used textbooksDetermining quantity on handRecording textbook sales and textbook returnsCompose a two page document that summarizes the abstract data type algorithm headers for your textbook inventory system.Compose the abstract data type algorithm headers for the inventory system above. Each header should include name, parameters, purpose, preconditions, post conditions, and return value types. You may add additional algorithms as required by your analysis.Include the following:a pseudo code definition for a textbook data structurea pseudo code definition for a student data structure

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