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Psychology homework help. **Please carefully read the rubric before you write your essay **This writing is a primary source analysis essay focusing on civic engagement. This is not a research paper, so you will not look for sources beyond the DPLA Set. Use your chosen documents to address the following prompt in 2-2.5 double-spaced pages (400-700 words). What problems did your chosen group face, and what arguments or tactics did they use to demand change? You may use information from the Module resources, DPLA “Additional Resources” and textbook, but do so sparingly to provide context only. Your essay will reflect your analysis of the primary sources, and present an argument. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES. Just use course material and your DPLA source set! (ex. no, no wikipedia, etc. If you need to look something up you don’t understand that is fine, but that doesn’t go in your essay!)Times New Roman 12pt Font, no name or class info needed since you’re submitting via Canvas. You will copy your document and paste it into the assignment’s text box. Don’t worry if this changes your format a bit.Essay Structure: Opening Paragraph including a (brief!) historical context and your thesis (argument) based on the primary sources. 2-3 body paragraphs, each of which offers supporting evidence for your thesis and focuses on one aspect or theme from your argument. Cite all quotes and direct references! See scaffolding assignments on citation for a guide. For this assignment, you can cite like this: (author, topic DPLA). If author unknown, title or description is fine: (Uppity Women Unite Button, ERA DPLA). If you discuss images, please embed them in your essay for your reader (me!). ## Topic is Voting Rights Act of 1965. In this link below you will find the source.

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