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Psychology homework help. we focus on the practices, projects, and organizations that anthropologists are involved in to help and even change people’s lives.InstructionsSubmit your answers to the following questions in this discussion forum. Be sure to follow the related rubric requirements.1.Taking into consideration the many places and people that anthropologists work with, describe the particular advantages they have in solving problems and applying change.What are at least two ways that applying change can be hindered? *This should be reworded to: Explain two ways applied anthropologists’ work can be hindered. Remember, an applied anthropologist’s goal is to apply their anthropological training to help solve real world problems, not to apply change.2. From what you’ve learned about cultural relativism and applied anthropology, what is your opinion of the latter? Is it ethical? Explain.Who does an anthropologist owe his/her primary responsibility to?Give at least 2 examples of ethical issues that could arise during a planned program/project.

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